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HSC-21 Squadron Insignia


The two playing cards display the hand “blackjack” from the card game of the same name. In the card game, “blackjack” equals the number twenty one. A Jack of Spades was selected to reflect the squadron’s nickname, the “BLACKJACKS.” In Blackjack, a pair of playing cards including an Ace and a Jack equal the number eleven or twenty one. The number is dependent on how the player values the Ace (either one or eleven). The selection of the Blackjack playing card hand pays homage to the HC-11 past and HSC-21 present. 

The Hawk represents the squadron's Type/Model/Series aircraft, the MH-60S Seahawk. The piercing green eyes showcase the Night Vision Device training of the aircrew. In the hawk's left talon, a trident represents the importance of tradition in the Naval Service. In the hawk’s right talon, four HELLFIRE missiles signify the lethality and warfighting readiness of Helicopter Sea Combat.

Finally, the background of the insignia features two lightning bolts. The lightning represents the speed and efficiency of helicopter Fleet support in all missions. HC-11’s insignia featured the same two lightning bolts, and HSC-21 preserves that legacy and tradition. The focus on legacy hopes to inspire all BLACKJACKS to look to the past for guidance and to set a noble example for future generations at HSC-21.

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