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USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)

What to bring to travel quarantine

-Bedding – This is a recommendation, you will be provided bedding upon arrival for travel quarantine purposes. However, it’s typically more comfortable to sleep with your own blanket and sheets than the standard Navy issue bedding.

-Toiletries – Bring extra toothpaste, shampoo/body wash and deodorant, etc. The mandatory 14-day quarantine is not the best time to run out of these items, it may be some time before anyone can assist you with getting more.

-Undergarments – Due to the large amount of Sailors that will be in travel quarantine at any time, laundry services will not be available. Bringing extra necessary clothing items can make this quarantine more comfortable. Some Sailors wash small items in the sink as they need, so bring some laundry detergent or pods.

-Electronics – Double check you have all of your power cords for your phone and entertainment electronics, internet is set up in the barracks rooms used for travel quarantine. Additionally, this will allow you to complete some command indoctrination requirements early! Completing AOB/ICR while in travel quarantine will allow you to go off base faster too!

-Debit/Credit Card and Cash – Don’t bring a lot of money, but a little can help you out if you forget something. There are Sailors set up to assist those in travel quarantine through potential “NEX runs” to buy requested items or the NEX delivery program.

Navy Exchange and Commissary Orders and Delivery Procedures for ROM/QUARANTINE/ISOLATION

NEX shopping for those in Navy Lodge
Personnel arriving at Navy Lodge will be provided a product listing and procedures by Navy Lodge staff upon check-in for procuring items from the Navy Exchange (instructions in Welcome Aboard Package). Once orders are placed, the NEX staff will deliver the items to the front desk at Navy Lodge. Navy Lodge staff will then deliver goods to the room.
NEX shopping for those in private residence or HPA
In the event that families are placed directly in their permanent residence upon arrival, they must contact to facilitate delivery. Sailors residing in HPA will be provided NEX procedures upon check-in.
Commissary shopping for those in residence or Navy Lodge
Families in ROM/QUARANTINE/ISOLATION who need commissary support will use the Samaritan Shopper 2-step process that is currently in place via the base Chapel and OMBUDSMAN team. For those who do not have Facebook, email
To sign up for the Samaritan Shopper program, please follow the two-step process:
1) Go to Samaritan Shopper Facebook closed group. You will be required to answer questions concerning your SOFA status and that you are a authorized DECA patron.
2) Once the administrator accepts you into the group, select the google doc: This will allow you to submit required data i.e. command name, delivery location, contact information and a list of items you would like from the Commissary.
3) Once submitted, all information provided goes to the administrator who selects a shopper to go make your purchases. The Reagan Care and Response Team (RCRT) will assist the selected Samaritan team member with shopping and deliveries. All purchases must be made via credit card by the requestor. Unfortunately, coupons cannot be supported.
For any questions or concerns please call or email our Reagan Care and Response Team (RCRT) at 080-6786-6686 and


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