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Carrier Strike Group 3


Be ready to conduct prompt and sustained combat incident to operations at sea. We will protect America from attack, promote American prosperity, and preserve America’s strategic influence.  Our operations—from the seafloor to space, from the blue water to the littorals, and in the information domain—will deter aggression and enable resolution of crises on terms acceptable to the United States and our allies and partners.  If deterrence fails, Carrier Strike Group 3 will conduct decisive combat operations to defeat any enemy.

CSG-3's Priorities

(1) Warfighting Urgency: Approach every day like it is our last day before a major conflict. Build battle-minded teams focused on operational, training, and maintenance excellence to ensure we are ready to fight and win when called.

(2) Whole Sailors: Enhance readiness and lethality by developing Sailors with the character, technical competence, and toughness to fight and win wars at sea.

(3) Mission Readiness: Relentlessly pursue the required manning, training, and equipment to execute sustained operations and maintenance.  We must be a resilient team that is ready mentally and physically and our equipment must be ready to support operations worldwide.

(4) Operational Excellence: Continue to improve performance through routine emphasis on basics.  Know your job, be competent in your position, and let your performance do your talking.  Integrate across domains at every opportunity for higher fidelity training.  We will not avoid risk, but we will mitigate necessary risks as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Lines of Effort:

(a) Warfighting Sustainment: Execute CSG-3 training plan and support deploying strike groups.

(b) Build Battle-Minded Teams: Train and develop tough, humble and innovative professionals focusing on Sailor wholeness, wellness, and support networks.

(c) Readiness: Accurately and critically self-assess, execute the Sustainment to Maintenance Phase transition, sustain warfighting readiness through integrated training, and perform VI/Fidelity Checks routinely – we must get this right when it matters.  Safety underpins readiness and is the by-product of our professionalism; it can never be an afterthought. Support deployed and deploying teammates; aarticipating in their success and keep our warfighting skills sharp.

CSG-3 is a dominant naval force armed with the best equipment and sustained by programs producing outstanding leaders and teams that learn and adapt faster than our rivals. Every person and every unit in the strike group maximizes their potential and is ready for decisive combat operations.


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