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Distinguished Visitors


While at Sea

ENGAGE THE SAILORS: We encourage guests to talk to Sailors. It's Sailors that make the Navy work, and most of them will be eager to tell guests all about what they do.
MOTION SICKNESS: Guests who are prone to motion sickness or nausea should begin taking medications at least 24-hours prior to boarding the aircraft to fly to the ship. Most over-the-counter motion-sickness products need that much time to be fully effective.
NO CELL SERVICE AT SEA: There is no mobile phone reception at sea. Guests may bring their phones, and can use them until boarding the aircraft.
-- Guests will be reminded to ‘turn off’ their phones prior to boarding the aircraft in order to preserve battery life; or place the phone in the “Airplane” mode, so guests may continue to use the phone’s applications, such as the camera or video capability.
INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: Guests are allowed to bring a laptop, or tablet to the ship; however there is no internet or broadband connectivity while at sea.
-- Guests can use those devices offline while in their staterooms to download images, complete work, etc.
-- There are standard electrical outlets in each stateroom for guests to utilize to power devices.
-- The ship will have computers that may be available for guests to check personal emails; but those same computers are used by the crew while at sea. Unless there is an urgent need to gain access to the internet, please plan to have no internet connectivity while on the ship.
CAMERAS: Cameras ARE allowed in most areas of the ship.
-- Escorts will not take you to any location where classified material is present.
-- Flash photography IS NOT PERMITTED on the flight deck AT ANY TIME. This is a safety issue that will not be overlooked. If guests don’t know how to turn off the flash on their camera, they should not use those cameras when on the flight deck, especially during nighttime operations.
MEDICATIONS: If guests require medications throughout the day, they should keep those medications with them. Guests will be on an aggressive touring schedule, to see as much of the ship and flight operations as possible; and access to staterooms, where bags will be stowed, is limited.
FATIGUE: Even guests who regularly exercise may experience fatigue by the second day. Guests who become fatigued, should let the escort know, so the itinerary can be modified.
TOWELS / ROBES: The ship will provide towels and robes for guest use. Please DO NOT REMOVE those items from the ship.
LANGUAGE / CULTURE: The Navy has a unique language (use of a lot of acronyms) and culture that has developed over its long history. If Sailors or escorts are using unknown terms, ask them to explain the term. We want guests to get the most out of the experience, and that comes with understanding the information being presented.
CLOTHING: Guests must wear full-length pants, long-sleeved shirts, and comfortable closed-toe shoes during their time aboard the ship. When on the flight deck, guests must not have any exposed skin due to the danger of flying debris, which can lacerate skin. No one wearing shorts, Capri pants, short-sleeve shirts, or high-heels will be allowed onto the flight deck to view flight operations.
EARRINGS: Do not wear earrings. The protective head gear used during flights and on the flight deck can cause discomfort to anyone wearing earrings.
LONG WAITS & HYDRATE:  Guests should take advantage of every restroom opportunity, and hydrate whenever possible. Each embark day is different due to training schedules. The ship will make efforts to move guests to areas to view training, but there may be times when the training scenario will not allow for movement around the ship, and guests may wait for long periods in isolated locations. Again, guests should take advantage of every restroom opportunity and hydrate whenever possible.
GUESTS WILL NOT SEE IT ALL:  The crew will attempt to show guests as much of the ship as they can; but guests simply cannot see everything in 26 hours aboard. Guest safety and completing training are the top priorities. If there are areas of the ship a guest wishes to see, please ask; but do not be disappointed if the request cannot be accommodated. Guests will NOT be allowed into any of the Engineering areas.
MEETING WITH SAILORS: We encourage guests to engage Sailors when the situation allows. Those interaction opportunities may be limited, so take advantage of each one that is presented. We’re confident, guests will be impressed with each Sailor they meet/engage.
SHIP’S STORE VISIT: Guests usually have the opportunity to visit the ship’s store to purchase souvenirs. The stores are very small and usually have a limited supply of items for purchase.
EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: While embarked, if an emergency arises at home, the Navy will not be able to get you off of the ship, until the flight returns on the following day.
-- In an emergency, messages can be relayed to the ship.
            -- For San Diego embark emergencies, families may contact Mr. Steve Fiebing at (619) 347-3630.
            -- For Norfolk embark emergencies, families may contact: MCC Mike Cole at (757) 836-4396           
            -- For Jacksonville embark emergencies, families may contact: Ms. Suzanne Speight at (904) 542-4033




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