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Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 23 “Wildcards”


Wildcards effectively employ MH-60S helicopters and MQ-8B Fire Scout UAVs in support of Navy objectives.  We deploy detachments primarily in Amphibious Ready Groups and on Littoral Combat Ships, providing capabilities including Anti-Surface Warfare, support to Special Operations Forces, Personnel Recovery, and Logistical Support.

Wildcard Vision

Wildcards are on the leading edge of change, developing the competencies required to respond to the future demands of an evolving global environment.  Using the Principles of Operational Excellence, we will integrate our manned and unmanned systems into the battlespace in order to dominate any adversary, while demonstrating the professionalism and toughness demanded by our Warrior Ethos.

Principles of Operational Excellence

Do the right thing. Adhere to the highest ethical standards at all times. Conduct rigorous self-assessment.

Level of Knowledge
Know your job, people, and procedures.  Never stop learning.

Procedural Compliance
By-the-book procedures.  No short cuts.  Fight complacency.

Formal Communications
Use clearly stated and standardized language that minimizes misunderstanding.

Questioning Attitude
Speak up, ask, investigate when you sense or know something is not right.

Forceful Backup
Reinforce what you know is right.  Say something and take action when you know something is wrong.

Risk Management
Identify, understand, and mitigate risk.

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