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Aircraft Carriers

USS Nimitz (CVN 68)
USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70)
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71)
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)
USS George Washington (CVN 73)
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76)

Carrier Air Wings

Carrier Air Wing 2
Carrier Air Wing 5
Carrier Air Wing 9
Carrier Air Wing 11
Carrier Air Wing 17

Airborne Command & Control and Logistics Wing

Airborne Command & Control and Logistics Wing
Airborne Command & Control Squadron 113
Airborne Command & Control Squadron 115
Airborne Command & Control Squadron 116
Airborne Command & Control Squadron 117
Airborne Command & Control Squadron 125
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30 Det. 5
Unmanned Carrier-Launched Multi-Role Squadron 10 
Airborne Command & Control and Logistics Weapons School Pacific

Electronic Attack Wing

Electronic Attack Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Electronic Attack Squadron 129
Electronic Attack Squadron 130
Electronic Attack Squadron 131
Electronic Attack Squadron 132
Electronic Attack Squadron 133
Electronic Attack Squadron 134
Electronic Attack Squadron 135
Electronic Attack Squadron 136
Electronic Attack Squadron 137
Electronic Attack Squadron 138
Electronic Attack Squadron 139
Electronic Attack Squadron 140
Electronic Attack Squadron 141
Electronic Attack Squadron 142
Electronic Attack Squadron 144
Electronic Attack Weapons School

Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Wing

Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Wing
Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron 30 
Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron 40
Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron 50

Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing

Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Pacific
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 37
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 41
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 49
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 51
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 71
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 73
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 77
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 78
Helicopter Maritime Strike Weapons School Pacific

Helicopter Sea Combat Wing

Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 3
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 4
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 12
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 14
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85
Helicopter Sea Combat Weapons School Pacific

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wings

Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 1
Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10
Patrol Squadron 1
Patrol Squadron 4
Patrol Squadron 9
Patrol Squadron 40
Patrol Squadron 46
Patrol Squadron 47
Patrol Squadron 69
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1
Tactical Operations Control Squadron 10

Strategic Communications Wing

Strategic Communications Wing 1
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 3
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 4
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 7
TACAMO Weapons School

Joint Strike Fighter Wing

Joint Strike Fighter Wing
Strike Fighter Squadron 86
Strike Fighter Squadron 97
Strike Fighter Squadron 125
Strike Fighter Squadron 147

Strike Fighter Wing

Strike Fighter Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Strike Fighter Squadron 2
Strike Fighter Squadron 14
Strike Fighter Squadron 22
Strike Fighter Squadron 25
Strike Fighter Squadron 27
Strike Fighter Squadron 41
Strike Fighter Squadron 94
Strike Fighter Squadron 102
Strike Fighter Squadron 113
Strike Fighter Squadron 115
Strike Fighter Squadron 122
Strike Fighter Squadron 136
Strike Fighter Squadron 137
Strike Fighter Squadron 146
Strike Fighter Squadron 151
Strike Fighter Squadron 154
Strike Fighter Squadron 192
Strike Fighter Squadron 195
Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific

Air Test & Evaluation Squadron 9

Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9

Support Activities

Commander, Fleet Air Western Pacific
Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility San Diego
Fleet Readiness Center Northwest
Fleet Readiness Center West
Naval Aviation Training Support Group
Navy Air Logistics Office 
Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center
Naval Aviation Enterprise
  Leadership, Education, Growth, Advocacy, Culture, Youth Outreach

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