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Naval Aviation Enterprise “One Vision, One Team”


Sustain required current readiness and advance future warfighting capabilities at best possible cost. 

How We Operate

The Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) benefits national security by improving the operational readiness of Naval Aviation. The NAE provides a collaborative forum for leaders to deliberate and resolve interdependent issues affecting multiple stakeholders across the whole of Naval Aviation. Through an Enterprise approach, our partners focus on the people, parts, processes and funding required to have aircraft ready to accomplish any mission from providing humanitarian assistance to winning the high-end fight. We include representatives from the Navy, Marine Corps, other military services, government agencies and private industry who work together to ensure that every day our Naval Aviation forces can deliver on its promise to fly, fight, lead…and win!

More than 190,000 Sailors, Marines, civilians and contractors contribute to the enterprise approach within Naval Aviation. They work in different organizations that must all work together to ensure readiness in a cost-effective manner.

Naval Aviation’s enterprise approach drives this collaboration -- getting the right people together with the right information to break down barriers, spearhead cost-effective initiatives and provide leadership with critical data to make superior decisions.

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