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Patrol Squadron (VP) 46 “Grey Knights”

 Squadron Ombudsman - Ashley O'Neill

 An Ombudsman is the spouse or other family member of a VP-46 Sailor who has volunteered his/her time   and effort to guiding other families through various problems   that may arise.

 Please note: The Ombudsman will not solve the problem for you, but may be able to point you in the right   direction to help you solve the problem.

 Navy family Ombudsmen are valuable assets in facilitating communication between the Commanding   Officer and family members. They foster a better understanding of   the needs and viewpoints of family by   providing information and assistance to family members within the command.

 How can the Ombudsman help?

 When you have a question or a problem and are not sure what to do or where to go, contact your Ombudsman. As an official representative of Navy families, the   Ombudsman plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining good communications between the command and the families of personnel assigned to the command.

The Ombudsman is a two-way communicator, a referral agent, an interpersonal helper for dependents, and a liaison for community resources. The Ombudsman, however, is NOT a go-between for the Navy sponsor and their command, or a go-between for husband and wife.

The Navy Chain of Command should be utilized to address problems between the sponsor and his command. There are many recognized agencies offering professional guidance in the area of personal relationship, such as the Family Service Center. If you have a problem or question but you are not sure what to do, your Ombudsman can be your first step toward a solution. The Ombudsman is appointed by the Commanding Officer to represent the command to family members.

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