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Patrol Squadron (VP) 69 “Totems”


To conduct Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance operations to defeat our enemies in combat.

About Us

We are a diverse group of Selected Reserve, Full-Time Support and Active Duty Officers and Sailors with a common purpose, to defend our Country. Our diversity of talent and experience is our core strength.

Totem Cornerstones

Our Vision

 The Totems continuously strive for excellence in our profession, and work together as a team to be READY NOW to meet mission.

Guiding Principles
Family: All Totems are part of a family that works and plays together.  We support and encourage one another to be the best version of ourselves, and foster a positive work environment. Together, we are resilient and ready to meet any challenge head on.
Leadership: Everyone in this Command has the responsibility to lead.  We lead by example through our actions and words.  You are all empowered to ensure the Totems exceed personal and professional standards both on, and off duty.

Teamwork: Every Sailor, every rate, contributes to our effectiveness and enables mission success. Make a difference, be a proactive part of the team, and never underestimate the role YOU play.

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