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Airborne Command & Control Squadron (VAW) 117 “Wallbangers”


Provide Command and Control and Airborne Early Warning any time, any place in order to accomplish our warfare commander's intent. The Wallbanger team stands ready to deliver time critical situational awareness and decisions necessary to support our Navy-Marine Corps, Joint, and Coalition Partners. Our current focus is to ensure the combat readiness of this squadron and the CVW-9 Shogun.

About Us

The VAW-117 "Wallbangers" were established at NAS North Island, CA on 01 July 1974, as part of Fighter Early Warning Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet. The
squadron received its first E-2B aircraft in October 1974 and a year later they deployed to the Mediterranean Sea aboard USS Independence (CV 62). 

In 1999 The Wallbangers were selected to provide operational testing for the MCU/ACIS (Mission Computer Upgrade/ Advance Computer Information System). That new computer system in the E-2 gave them a distinct advantage in their command and control capabilities.

The squadron recently transitioned to the new E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, the newest variant of the E-2 aircraft platform. It features a state-of-the-art radar with a two-generation leap in capability and upgraded aircraft systems that will improve supportability and increase readiness.

This dual engine, turboprop airborne command and control aircraft is often referred to as the "Hummer". Its principal mission is command and control of airborne, surface, and battlefield assets. This includes long range detection of hostile forces, strike control at sea, coordination and control for power projection ashore and fleet air defense. 

VAW-117 Squadron Insignia Image

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