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Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10

Safety Vision

Operating Naval Aircraft SAFELY is the number one priority.
Our mission is to prepare squadrons and MTOCs to take the fight to the enemy. As we train and prepare to deploy, our nation entrusts us with two things: its people and equipment. If either of these is unusable or unavailable due to injury or damage we are only hurting ourselves. Operating our aircraft in a safe manner, using the principles of Operational Risk Management to make smart risk decisons, at the right level, will enable us to accomplish our mission by preventing damage to aircraft and injury to personnel.
Naval aviation is a dangerous business. We must proactively put controls in place that mitigate the inherent risks of Naval Aviation and continually seek areas of self-improvement both on and off the flight line.

Destructive behaviors of any type reduce our fighting force. As leaders we are personally responsible for maintaing the highest standards of conduct on and off duty.

We are a professional military and thus approach the development of our junior personnel with the mindset of leadership cultivation and encourage proactively sharing lessons learned for the rapid improvement of all.

Procedural Compliance
Naval Aviation is inherently dynamic and complex, therefore our adherence to established checklists and procedures is paramount for mission accomplishment.

Culture of Safety
Safety improvement efforts address not only the correction of hazards, but also the underlying factors and processes which allowed the hazards to develop.

Operational Risk Management
Risk management is a continuous process of identifying risks and putting controls in place to reduce those risks, but only at the appropriate level of decision making.

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