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Distinguished Visitor Info




Dear Embark Guest,
I am very pleased that you will be joining us for a Distinguished Visitor (DV) embark aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.
As a DV, you will get a rare first-hand look at life aboard an aircraft carrier and witness the pride and professionalism of the young men and women who serve our country at sea. I am confident it will be a memorable experience.
While we would like to invite every American citizen to join us at sea for a day to see their Navy in action, that simply isn’t possible. Instead, we invite people like you who are active leaders in your local, civic, education, or business community to embark and share your experience with others. Some of the people we invite to participate include legislative representatives, city council members, corporate executives, educators, and leaders of broad-based organizations who have not previously experienced aircraft carrier operations.
Once you see flight operations on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, I think you will agree that these embarks provide unique opportunities to foster awareness and understanding of the role of carrier aviation, as well as demonstrate the high-level training required to keep our Sailors ready to meet the nation’s needs.
Please review the information links below to prepare for your embark.
Also, please understand that embarks are subject to change or cancellation on short notice due to operational requirements.
Thank you for your interest in Naval Aviation!
Commander, Naval Air Forces

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