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Prep for Carrier Embark



What to pack:                            
-- One small carry-on bag
-- One small personal bag (purse/briefcase/camera)
Personal Items:
-- Toiletries
-- Prescription Meds
-- Long Sleeve Shirt(s)
-- Jacket or sweater
-- Comfortable walking shoes
-- Jeans or comfortable slacks
-- Underwear
-- Socks
-- $60-$80 cash per day for meals & other items
-- Money for souvenirs
-- Sunglasses
-- Travel alarm clock
Photography equipment:
-- Photo and/or Video camera
-- Charger
-- Batteries
-- Camera data cards
Prohibited items:
-- Alcohol of any kind
-- Weapons of any kind
-- Presentation gifts greater than $20 value
-- High heeled shoes
-- Skirts/dresses
-- Shorts
-- Revealing clothing
-- Open-toed shoes
-- Capri / Short-length pants
-- Large or Western style hats


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