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Distinguished Visitor Info

Typical Embark Itinerary   



PLEASE NOTE:  The embark itinerary below is notional. It represents what the majority of guests experience; however flight times will vary based on the carrier's training schedule. We will provide guests with any schedule changes via email, text, or phone call. Unless guests receive an email, text, or call within days of the embark, updating arrival/departure information, guests can use the itinerary below for planning purposes.
-- Plan for a VERY LONG initial embark day. Arrival to the Air Station will be early, and the ship will keep guests busy/occupied well into the night – as late as 11:00 p.m.; so guests should prepare themselves for a FULL day of activity.
7:45 a.m.         Arrive at the Main Gate, Naval Air Station (NAS) Visitor Center Parking Lot. Members of the Public Affairs staff will meet everyone.
8:15 a.m.         Transit to the Passenger Terminal to drop off luggage, issue name tags, cover safety issues, then (if needed) transit to a briefing or tour location.
8:50 a.m.         Arrive Briefing / Tour location
9:00 a.m.         Naval Aviation briefing presented by a Senior Officer to provide information about the Navy, Naval Aviation, and what to expect; or squadron tour.
TBD    (If time allows, guests will tour an aircraft maintenance production line, squadron, or be taken to purchase lunch.)
TBD    Transit to the Passenger Terminal for the Aircraft / aircrew safety brief and departure via C-2, or CMV-22B aircraft to the aircraft carrier.
TBD    Depart Naval Air Station
TBD    Land aboard the aircraft carrier for overnight embark.
TBD    Begin carrier embark:
            -- Greeted by ship’s Public Affairs Officer
            -- Observe day flight operations
            -- Have lunch/dinner with the ship’s crew
            -- Check into staterooms
            -- Tour spaces above the hangar bay
            -- Observe night flight operations (as late as 10:00 pm)
7:00 a.m.         Continue carrier embark:
            --  Have breakfast with the crew
            -- Tour spaces below the hangar bay
            -- Observe day flight operations
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  (APPROX) Board cargo aircraft to return to the Naval Air Station. 
2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  (APPROX) Return to NAS Passenger Terminal.
30 Minutes later  (APPROX) Depart Naval Air Station
PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE.  All times are subject to change due to operational needs.  Please DO NOT make personal plans on the day of your return prior to 6:00 p.m., as the aircraft may return later than expected. 


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