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Naval Aviation Enterprise “One Vision, One Team”

Total Force Team

The Total Force Team facilitates and aligns resources and processes to improve the readiness levels associated with predominantly Navy enlisted personnel with a future focus on officers, government civilians and contractors (collectively, the “total force”). These processes include the delivery, skills development and shaping of a total force aligned with near-term and long-term Naval Aviation readiness goals.

Total Force Team focuses on the delivery of trained and experienced Sailors and Marines by monitoring the “people supply chain” and coordinating the identification, removal or mitigation of performance gaps and barriers impacting personnel readiness across Naval Aviation. Additionally, the team tracks key performance indicators of Sailor and Marine skill development and identifies root cause degraders in the training process. Working with the appropriate stakeholders, the Total Force Team develops solutions to support an effective aviation technical training and qualification pipeline.

The team shapes the total force by developing and using multiple tools and innovations including the Manpower-Master Aviation Plan (M-MAP) tool, manning and manpower war games and workforce planning initiatives. The team also conducts manpower and manning risk assessments for transitioning platforms. These efforts help to form manpower planning and policy development decisions that successfully support platform transitions, the initial operational capability (IOC) of new platforms and the integration of new capabilities.

The Total Force Team is currently led by Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve/Deputy Commander, Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, and includes membership from the numerous organizations and stakeholders with Title 10 manning and manpower authority and responsibility. The Total Force Team’s overarching goal is the achievement of a single manpower metric: Trained and experienced Navy maintainers ready for tasking at the best cost.

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