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Naval Aviation Enterprise “One Vision, One Team”

Enterprise Guiding Principles

An enterprise, and specifically the Naval Aviation Enterprise, is a way of doing business that promotes enhanced coordination and collaboration to achieve effectiveness, emphasizes the efficient use of resources, and provides information to aid in decision-making.

NAE leadership is committed to these principles that act as a guide for everyday decisions:

  1. Concentrate efforts on producing required readiness while sustaining Fleet wholeness and improving efficiency.

  2. Exercise a bias for action.

  3. Drive systemically cross-functional, cross-command practices.

  4. Apply disciplined, process-driven, analytic methodologies.

  5. Understand the Single Fleet Driven Metric: Naval Aviation forces ready for tasking in the numbers required to meet Navy and Marine Corps readiness and warfighting requirements.

  6. Use consistent, integrated and hierarchical metrics focused on Fleet readiness and sustainment.

  7. Ensure full and consistent transparency of data, information and activities.

  8. Establish and maintain accountability for actions and results.

  9. Commit to active participation.

Enterprise efforts are guided by the NAE Charter, which defines supported/supporting relationships within the Enterprise and emphasizes the NAE's focus on generating warfighting readiness.

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